What do Disciples Believe?

  • Like most Christians, Disciples affirm:
    - Jesus Christ is the son of the Living God and offers saving grace to all
    - All people are God's Children.

  • Open Communion. The Lord's Supper, or Communion, is celebrated in weekly Worship. It is open to all who believe in Jesus Christ.

  • Freedom of belief. Disciples are called together around belief in Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. Persons are free to follow their consciences guided by the Bible, the Holy Spirit, study and prayer, and are expected to extend that freedom to others. We hold the centrality of scripture, recognize that each person has the freedom - and the responsibility - to study God's Word within the community of the church.

  • Baptism by immersion. In baptism the old self-centered life is set aside, and a new life of trust in God begins. Although Disciples practice baptism by immersion, other baptism traditions are honored.

  • Belief in the oneness of the church. All Christians are called to be one in Christ and to find ways to work together in showing God's love through witness and service. We hear a special calling to make visible the unity of all Christians. In our diversity we belong to one another because we commonly belong to Christ.

  • The ministry of all believers. Both ministers and lay persons lead in worship, service and spiritual growth. We affirm the priesthood of all believers, rejoicing in the gifts of the Holy Spirit - which include the gift of leadership - that God has given for the common good.


The Chalice
The chalice symbolizes the central place of communion in worship. The X-shaped cross of the disciple Andrew is a reminder of the ministry of each person and the importance of evangelism

Our Pastor:
Rev. Janna Preston
  Reverend Janna Preston:
Janna is first and foremost a child of God, just like all of us.  She was reared in the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) and spent many of her “growing-up years” as a member here at Southside.  She feels very blessed to have been called into ministry. Throughout her adult years, she worked in lay ministry as a youth sponsor and in Christian Education in different churches.  Janna was called to full time vocational ministry, attended seminary at Lexington Theological Seminary and was ordained in 2005.  Janna pastored a new church plant from 2005 through 2007.  She has served in chaplaincy in hospice, in a level one trauma hospital and in a long term care and rehab facility.  She has been the minister here at Southside Christian since July of 2013.  Janna and her husband, David, are enjoying living in Jacksonville.  They have three adult children – Andy and his wife Ashley, who live in Apex, NC and have two daughters, Maddie and Ella, Julee who lives in Jacksonville and Ashlyn who is a student at the University of Tennessee in Knoxville.  David and Janna love the beach, cooking (and eating!) and playing Trivia.


What You Can Expect:

A Warm Welcome; Open Arms; Acceptance; and Smiling Faces

Southside Christian Church is a mix of different types of people who come together to worship God.

 Some of our congregation are elders and some are young. Some have been on their walk with Christ for many years and some are just starting to explore what a walk with Christ is like. All have questions. Some come dressed up, some come in jeans.  Some are shy and enjoy quiet meditative worship; others enjoy visiting with people and like to hear lots of music.  Some use hymn books and bulletins; others like to look at the videos screens as the service is projected on the walls.

Everyone is different, but everyone welcomes each other and enjoys worshiping together.

We have a blend of contemporary music and traditional hymns.  We have a choir that is small but enjoys singing together.  Our music is lively but is kept at a volume that still allows people to worship.

Reflections by the minister (sometimes called a sermon) come from the exegetical (interpretational) study of scripture which is usually from the Revised Common Lectionary.

The Revised Common Lectionary are readings from the Scripture (Bible) that rotate specific passages on a 3 year cycle. It is intended as a harmonization of the many different denominational approaches to the three-year lectionary. 

For the Children

We have a Children’s area in the sanctuary, to the right, as you come in the doors, where there are worship bags and children’s bulletins that help children worship in their own way. The children’s bulletins help them understand what will come next in the service and are designed specifically for them.

Children are encouraged to stay in worship through most of the service. After the Children’s Moment they are invited to Worship and Wonder with adult teachers. Worship and Wonder is a program designed to allow children to learn some of the Bible stories in a worship setting just for them.